David Mineer is the CEO of Construction Monitor, a company that his father founded in 1989 to help businesses succeed by providing targeted information. He helped Construction Monitor grow from providing hundreds of building permit leads in a single state to over 20,000 each week from 69 areas across the United States. David never misses early morning basketball and while earning his Bachelor of Business Administration from Southern Utah University, he walked onto the baseball team and helped them to a record of 6 – 54 (yes, 6 wins and 54 losses). He is married to Heather and has 5 kids.

The Construction Monitor was founded in 1989 by David B. Mineer Sr., who discovered – after working for eighteen years in commercial architectural design – the value of providing timely building permit information to suppliers, subcontractors, and industry professionals. Upon discovery of this niche market, Dave set out to create a quality subscription lead service for the construction industry.

With the rise of new digital technologies in the 1990s, and a new way for instantaneous delivery, quality building permit information quickly found its way into the offices of thousands of construction professionals. The industry soon recognized building permit information as the ultimate lead source and an excellent place to find new work.

The Construction Monitor rapidly expanded to meet the needs of a growing customer base as thousands of construction professionals responded to a service that had never before been available to the residential and remodeling sectors. The Wasatch Front (Salt Lake City area) was the first established metropolitan area. Since then the Construction Monitor has expanded into over 65 areas across the United States and we continue to grow, providing more of this valuable information to our customers..

In 1999, corporate headquarters was relocated to the historic Jamestown Square Building in Cedar City, UT. We also have offices in Murray, Parowan, and Ceder City, Utah. Currently, there are approximately 20 office employees and over 100 additional team members located throughout the United States. Our dedicated staff continues to provide a valuable service collecting and compiling data from thousands of city and county building departments every week in order to deliver a quality service to our loyal customers.

Mailing Address: PO BOX 2202 Cedar City UT 84721

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