November 2020

Finishing Others’ Construction Projects: Yes, It’s Tricky

This would make for a great Halloween blog: It’s no treat to finish other companies’ construction projects. And being politically correct when dealing with another construction professional’s mistakes is tricky. You may be finishing up for a competitor, but you’re also dealing with the work of a company that may be a future partner or […]

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Construction Industry: Equipment Uptime

Reducing do-overs and avoiding downtime is easier said than done, especially when a project has suffered work interruptions. Many 2020 projects continue operating with a reduced workforce and money has been tight. One of the inefficiencies that haunt construction projects is construction equipment failures. Fallout From Construction Equipment Failures Insurance companies say not recognizing the risks of

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Reduce Waste for Your Construction Business

“Haste makes waste.” “Waste not; want not.” Wasting time, labor, materials… For a construction business, waste means fewer profitable projects or worse. A good question we should be asking ourselves is, “Why do we waste so much?” A more important question is, “How can my construction business waste less to earn more?” Construction Business Technology

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What is Lean Construction?

Working “lean” is a business principle for reducing waste and increasing profits. It can apply to any industry. Lean construction has been slow to develop, according to the Lean Construction Institute (LCI). But construction technology developments are making this practice easier to implement and therefore more attractive to construction business owners and managers. How Does

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Cyberattack: The Other Virus

While we’re developing processes to protect workers from each other during a pandemic, we may be lowering our defenses against other viruses. Cyberattacks are becoming more cause for concern in the construction business, but we’re taking fewer steps to mitigate cybersecurity. Construction Companies and Cyberattacks “Hackers are increasingly going after construction companies,” said Zachary Phillips of

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Must-Have Construction Technology for Your Company

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is nothing new. The acronym was probably coined around the 1880s when protective eyewear was patented. Actually, PPEs have been around for centuries; we have always protected our hands with glove-like coverings when necessary. Mask-wearing has become politicized, but businesses – including construction industry-related businesses – don’t have the luxury of

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