September 2023

What Are Construction Aggregates?

“Construction aggregate” is a somewhat broad characterization of particulates that include crushed stone, gravel, recycled concrete/recycled materials, sand, and slag. Aggregates are the most mined materials in the world. They can add resistance, stability, and volume to erosive materials. They are just rocks, after all.–Sara Feuling, AEM Senior Director of Construction Aggregates: Some of the […]

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5 Best Construction Loans for Small Businesses

Almost every construction company needs financial assistance at some point. Construction loans for businesses are available in all shapes and sizes from lending institutions of all kinds. These are 5 types of loans that can work best for small businesses in the construction industry: Construction project leads can be the best way to generate income. And

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Construction Project Planning Hardware for AEC

BIM (building information modeling) software is critical to your company. But architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) workstation hardware and equipment are another investment that calls for careful consideration. Here are some takeaways from a Construction Business Owner whitepaper you may want to download. Before you invest in BIM hardware: One of the final whitepaper insights is that

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Construction Operations & Project Processes

When the project is completed, it’s time to review the processes that worked and those that didn’t. The purpose of that evaluation is not to merely identify “lessons learned,” but to use those lessons to modify and update processes for the future. This post-project activity can separate the wannabes from companies known for industry-best construction

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