May 2023

Construction Business & Risk Management

Risk management is key to any industry, especially the construction business. The top construction industry business risks are contractual, environmental, financial, and operational. They can be caused by external factors beyond your control or unanticipated internal factors. 15 Common Construction Business Risks Construction business hazards can become very real damages. They can impact costs, turnaround times, morale,

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The War for Workers: Construction Recruiting Tips

Construction firms are fighting for talent. The number of construction workers over the age of 55 has nearly doubled and we need to attract 546,000 additional workers this year. If you feel like you’re waging a war for workers, it may be time to re-evaluate what employees want. Construction sales VP Jim Campbell of says technology is

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Construction Company Success Tips

Why is one construction company successful and a similar company struggling? How do we attain success? Malcolm Forbes said even a failure is a success if we learn from it. Certified construction business coach George Hedley is a construction manager, author, general contractor, and real estate developer. His article Set Your Sights on Success shares top construction

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Women In Construction: NAWIC 2023

The National Association of Women in Construction holds its 2023 conference August 9-12. This year marks the sixty-eighth gathering of men and women in construction sponsored by NAWIC and held at the Portland, OR Downtown Waterfront Marriott. Information and activities will focus on professional construction culture and personal networking as well as education opportunities and

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3 Factors for Construction Jobsite Safety

Your attitude influences construction jobsite safety more than anything else. Posted guidelines and rules, mandatory safety meetings… Nothing promotes jobsite safety more than your visible commitment to working safer. Construction Business Owner recently asked construction business influencers what they believed was the most important factor for jobsite safety. 1. Safety Culture and Awareness “Building a

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