Construction Equipment Accountability

Empowering on-the-job accountability is the foundation for improved safety and productivity at every level of construction business operations. Creating a culture of accountability starts when leaders encourage mind-my-own-business construction employees to speak up. If you see something that might be a problem, point it out. If you have questions, ask. Our success is a result […]

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DBA & Construction Wage Work: Be Prepared

What does this update to a 1931 enactment mean for us? Construction wage work principlesoriginally outlined are now rules “and expected to face legal challenges,” according to Fredrikson’s The Construction Counselor. The bottom line: Use caution when considering federal infrastructure projects. Legal advisors recommend creating an internal checklist to determine DBA coverage at the pre-bid

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Skilled Trades Support in a Changing Construction Industry

In Egypt and Babylon, craftsmanship training was organized to maintain an adequate number of skilled trades. The 18th century BCE Code of Hammurabi of Babylon required craftsmen to teach their skills to the next generation. And U.S. construction industry skilled trades have a long tradition; George Washington was an apprentice land surveyor. As the workforce continues to reinvent

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Sustainable Construction: What Did Mayans, Romans Know That We Don’t?

Ancient builders created many edifices that are standing today. Portions of Italy’s Appian Way (312 BC) road are still in use. Then, as now, concrete was a material widely used for built-to-last structures. Scientists are examining sustainable construction options and hoping to unlock the secrets of earlier civilizations’ construction materials. Forbes says climate change, traffic,

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Construction Industry & Carbon Emissions

In 2022, the World Economic Forum reminded us the built environment – the construction industry – accounts for 39% of gross annual carbon emissions worldwide. Cement manufacturing causes 8% of global air pollution. Reducing carbon emissions is something the construction industry is taking seriously. Evaluating the types of materials we use and data-tracking (using real-time analytics to

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Q3 2023 Construction Costs Insights

It felt as though construction costs for materials might be stabilizing in 2023 but perhaps we are becoming more comfortable with uncertainty. Building Design & Construction Network says 2023 year-end reports indicate an “overall” equilibrium but with variations. We’ve seen decreases in aluminum, lumber, and steel pipe costs and double-digit price increases in concrete, glass, gypsum,

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Construction Company Interns: What To Know

Construction company interns are not employees. They aren’t volunteers. Even if their training and treatment may be exactly as your company culture dictates, liability and legalities are not the same, so it’s important to understand internship labor laws. Construction companies especially can use unpaid internships to increase the company talent pool and that’s okay. Even better, most

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Your Construction Business & Worker Benefits

If you want to attract high-level workers, you need to offer more than good pay. And says today’s workforce doesn’t get excited about traditional cookie-cutter company benefits. To increase job satisfaction, construction business owners and managers should consider more contemporary employee benefits. Eldercare, fertility treatments, pet care/doggy daycare, and tuition reimbursement are examples of nontraditional

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