June 2023

Construction Project Estimates: Accuracy Is Essential

Why is cost estimation so critical? The obvious logic – you don’t want to go broke – isn’t the only reason. It can take longer to recover from project profit hits due to bad estimates: Recently, construction project estimates include best guestimates for delivery delays and material shortages. “Cost is the most important factor in determining whether or […]

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Causes & Prevention of Construction Crane Accidents

In March 2023, a construction crane fatality and a crane-related accident on an Amazon warehouse construction site occurred. An April 2023 settlement from a 2019 crane collapse awarded $860+ million to the family of a Dallas resident. The woman was killed when an apartment-site crane collapsed during a storm. Those recent events intensified the construction

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Construction Business Safety and ConTech

Effective safety management and accident prevention take more than minimal compliance. And we spend a lot of time reviewing construction business safety incidents that occur despite compliance. History can shape the future if we take advantage of what we have learned. As we become more forward-thinking, our industry focuses more on accident prevention. Technology can

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School Construction: Safety First

It doesn’t seem possible we’ll return to one-room schoolhouses for all ages and grades. But never say never. The concept of multiple buildings dedicated to housing elementary schools, middle or junior high schools, and high schools is under scrutiny. School construction is undergoing reconstruction. A 60,000-square-foot school building is underway in Colorado. Upon completion (Spring

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Making Construction Companies Labor-Competitive

The U.S. construction industry recorded 383,000 unfilled jobs in April 2023, but construction companies are consistently passed over by applicants. Job seekers say they are searching for innovative, diverse company cultures driven by ethical standards. What does that mean? An ethical business is one that considers the impact its actions, products, and services have on

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