April 2023

Construction CIOs

Construction CIOs are notoriously goals-oriented. Someone once said, “Being a CIO in construction is akin to plate-spinning.” If you’ve never seen the act, plate spinners balance breakable plates on poles and set them spinning with the goal of balancing 10 or more whirling plates at the same time. Occasionally a plate topples. The on-stage crash

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Incentives for Construction Workforce Diversification

Federally funded infrastructure projects are becoming an opportunity for many construction companies. Smaller companies have subcontracted themselves to larger organizations to assist in the fulfillment of some of these ventures because they are indeed megaprojects. In March 2023, the Biden-Harris administration introduced the Mega Construction Project Program to bolster construction workforce diversity and fund jobs for underrepresented communities

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The Most Powerful Construction Project Management Tool

Spoiler alert: It’s technology. The most powerful construction project management tool is technology. In the last year alone, 53% of construction businesses have implemented specific project-management technology tools that are mission-critical to “helping construction leaders meet their business objectives…optimizing productivity, minimizing risk, and driving growth,” says Steve Cangiano, product management VP at CMiC. Workflows &

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Construction Accounting Software Rankings

Software platforms are numerous and because so many of them are solid choices, it’s difficult to determine what’s best for your construction-industry company. Construction accounting software is no different. Construction Business Owner recently shared rankings for several construction accounting software products. These were questions posed to more than 525 construction companies, and most respondent businesses

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