Orange County Pool and Spa Installations Are Going in Ahead of the Summer Season

While the rest of the country shivers under what seems to be a winter without end, pool and spa installations in Orange County are already picking up in advance of the official outdoor season. Homeowners are basking in balmy weather and looking forward to another classic SoCal summer. Many want the coming season to include family time around a pool or in a spa.

Pool and Spa Installations in Orange County
Modern Pool by Laguna Beach Architects & Designers Horst Architects

A thawing economy that encourages home improvement investments is also helping fuel the increase in pool and spa installations in Orange County. Contractors tracking this trend with permit data from Construction Monitor are able to exploit this gathering momentum by developing sales leads specifically targeted to areas where homeowners are receptive to pools and spa projects that enhance the quality of life and upgrade property values, as well.

In-ground pools with vinyl liners are the least expensive option for OC homeowners, according to one of the county’s leading contractors. These contracts average between $6,000 and $16,000 in southern California at large and offer the benefit of quick installation for homeowners who don’t want to wait to start the summer fun.

Still, conventional concrete pools remain the most common residential pool project in Orange County. The total cost ranges from $17,000 to $45,000. Because installation is more complex, the time span from dig to splash for a concrete pool currently runs about six to eight weeks. This means that consumers considering a concrete pool in time for summer are in the market now.

While spas are frequently included in pool installations, spas without an accompanying pool represent another aspect of the market with design/build costs ranging from $6,000 up to over $20,000 for the most elaborate designs.

County-specific information provides local pool and spa contractors with real-time updates about market shifts where these trends show up first—in county building permit data. Empowered with this inside knowledge about pool and spa installations in Orange County from Construction Monitor, contractors can more efficiently develop leads and target sales efforts for the greatest return.

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