What’s Hot in Landscape Architecture in 2014 — and How It Varies Regionally

Just as with fashion trends, landscape architecture trends are influenced by local weather and lifestyle preferences that vary from one part of the country to the other. By knowing what property owners in different regions will be looking for this year, you’ll be better able to show potential clients that you’re the right contractor to meet their needs.

The Northwest

As edible gardening gains popularity in this famously eco-conscious part of the country, so will hardscaping features, such as raised vegetable beds along with trellises and other supports for climbing vines.

Contemporary Landscape by Seattle Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Berger Partnership

Foliage gardens are also coming into vogue, favored for their calming appearance and ease of maintenance. Homeowners who value these benefits may also be interested in Zen gardens features such as sand or gravel areas and moss-covered boulders.

New England

In the Northeast, flooding is becoming an ever-greater concern, so many properties will need their drainage systems renovated or completely redesigned. This need is influencing landscape architecture trends such as lawn regrading, creating dry creek beds and installing environmentally-friendly dry well systems.

Replacing trees destroyed in recent bouts of extreme weather is another job that will be keeping landscapers busy in coming years.

The Southwest

In some regions, such as the Dallas-Fort Worth area, increasingly limited water supplies are posing challenges property owners aren’t used to. There’s a growing demand for drought-tolerant landscaping methods, including planting trees for shade, replacing lawns with ground cover and terracing to control water runoff.

Elsewhere in the Southwest, you’ll win over clients bored with traditional xeriscaping if you can show how native flowering plants, climbing vines and grasses can create aesthetically pleasing drought-tolerant landscapes.

The Southeast

For the most part, property owners in the tropical Southeast already have their pools and outdoor kitchens. What’s often missing is landscaping that shows off these features to the best effect. Redesigns will be ordered for landscapes that create maintenance problems around outdoor entertaining areas or simply don’t fit the property’s overall image.

To stay up to date on these and other landscape architecture trends that can profit your contracting business this year, contact us at Construction Monitor.

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