DR Horton Stays Busy in Early 2014 With Residential Construction in Las Vegas Metro Area

DR HortonContinued expansion of the population of the Las Vegas area has resulted in significant increases in business for a leading area building contractor. DR Horton, a national construction company with local offices in Henderson, Nevada, started approximately 350 new single-family residential projects in the early part of 2014. These housing starts include homes in Las Vegas, Henderson and Clark County, according to data compiled by Construction Monitor.

The home construction projects begun in this period are based on permits granted between October 2013 and March 2014. Most of the homes were valued at less than $100,000. A small number of projects were valued at $250,000 or more, with about 20 percent of them valued in the mid-$100,000s.

Founded in 1978, DR Horton has been the leading supplier of residential construction services in the United States for the last 11 years, according to statistics cited on the company’s website. The contractor has built nearly a half-million homes for customers in communities around the country during the more than 35 years it has been in existence.

The boom in business for DR Horton could be attributed to the steady rise in population in the Las Vegas area. Southern Nevada added some 2 million people in 2013, with Las Vegas gaining almost 100,000 individuals since 2012, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

This increase in Las Vegas construction and area housing matches national trends that continue to see increases in home building throughout the United States. Government statistics cited by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) indicate that residential construction nationwide increased for the 28th straight month as of December 2013. The NAHB predicts a 25 percent increase in home building throughout 2014.

Construction Monitor provides detailed information on construction starts and building activities throughout the United States based on issued building permits. Contact us today for more information on DR Horton, Las Vegas construction and expected construction trends in this area of the country.

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