West Dallas Seeing Significant Increase in Apartment Construction

west dallas apartment constructionIf the previously sleepy West Dallas construction scene has fallen off your radar, now’s the time to start paying attention again. Although developers began securing land in West Dallas around 10 years ago, actual development has been slow to come. Many developers either had no specific plans or were waiting on other developers to take on the risks first. Over the last few years, however, West Dallas has seen an upsurge in apartment construction and the pace of growth is picking up.

Thousands of New Residences

Building projects are underway all over the area, but much of the growth is concentrated between West Commerce Street and the Trinity Groves neighborhood.

Builder Oaxaca Interests LLC, in collaboration with Wood Partners, will be working to expand the Sylvan/Thirty retail and residential development by adding 250 apartments on Yorktown Street.

Not far from the Sylvan/Thirty, the Henry S. Miller Co. is planning for more than 300 apartments in a long-neglected area around the Belmont Hotel. Known as Cliff View Apartments, the complex will sit on the hilltop near Fort Worth and Sylvan Avenues.

Many of the apartment complexes in the works are upscale residences with planned green spaces, pedestrian walkways and bike paths, as well as easy-access parking.

Why It’s Happening Now

Several factors are contributing to the growth of West Dallas construction. When the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge opened in 2012, it provided economically disadvantaged West Dallas with improved access to the wealthier Uptown area. Since then, West Dallas residents have been able to tap into better work opportunities, bringing more money into West Dallas. At the same time, it’s also made West Dallas more attractive as a residential area to those living and working Uptown.

The movement into West Dallas is connected to a nationwide trend. Around the country, many large cities are seeing wealth and residents spread out from their business districts to the surrounding neighborhoods. Some choose these neighborhoods for the more affordable housing, while others simply prefer the quieter lifestyle.

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