Sustainability Is the Latest Trend in Celebrity Homes, and Leonardo DiCaprio Leads the Way

Sustainability Is the Latest Trend in Celebrity Homes, and Leonardo DiCaprio Leads the WayAs a film actor, Leonardo DiCaprio’s career has sustainability. From “Titanic” and “The Aviator” to “Wolf Of Wall Street,” DiCaprio has proven himself as a bankable star with major box office appeal. It’s only fitting then that the celebrity homes he’s commissioned offer sustainability in an environmental way, as well as lasting aesthetic appeal.  

For DiCaprio, environmental concerns are more than a passing trend. He’s lobbied Congress and the State Department, as well as traveled the world promoting green causes. At home in New York City, his priorities remain intact. DiCaprio owns a pair of units at the decidedly green 2 River Terrace in Battery Park and has recently acquired a two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom Delos residence in Greenwich Village. Delos is a home builder specializing in structures that earn WELL certification. This WELL building standard stipulates living spaces that contribute to personal well-being by offering details like filtered air and purified water, lighting schemes that enhance mood and circadian rhythms and built-in opportunities to maintain fitness.

As in most celebrity homes, these amenities come at substantial cost. While DiCaprio’s newly constructed apartment will exceed a $10 million price, Delos stresses that many of these advantages can be built in to existing structures. In the future, Delos’ founder Paul Scialla predicts that the eco-friendly perks in personal living spaces enjoyed by stars like DiCaprio, as well as green technology’s sustainability and  the building methods perfected in these high-end examples, will ultimately find its way from celebrity homes into more down-to-earth applications. These may be as diverse as standard homes and hotels, hospitals, offices and even commercial airline cabins.

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