Plans for 2015 National Green Building Standard Underway With Home Innovation Research

Plans for 2015 National Green Building Standard UnderwayThere continues to be strong signs that green building techniques are becoming increasingly standardized throughout the construction industry. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the premier U.S. organization that facilitates voluntary consensus standards for a variety of industries, has again appointed Home Innovation Research Labs to administrate the development of the National Green Building Standard (NGBS.)

2015 marks the third version of the National Green Building Standard, originally approved by an ANSI consensus committee in January 2009. It’s thus far the first point-based procedure to evaluate construction work performed under the NGBS and incorporates most aspects of the building and contracting industry, including green residential construction, remodeling and development of land. The NGBS is updated regularly to reflect evolution in building codes, innovations in construction technology and other changes that may require incorporation into the standard. The most recent update was completed in 2012 and received approval by ANSI in January 2013.

The National Green Building Standard must conform to the ANSI approval process, including assembling members for the consensus committee responsible for drafting updates to the standard. Home Innovation is presently soliciting members to assume a role in the committee process. Updates in 2015 will incorporate input from government, green advocacy organizations, home builders and material manufacturers and other affected parties.

Members of the consensus committee and other participants will comprise the task groups that represent various specializations within the scope of the NGBS. Among the areas represented will be energy efficiency, indoor air quality and land or site development. Committee members will first review any proposals for alterations and updates to the NGBS, including hearing testimony from task groups related to the topic. At a subsequent hearing, the committee will debate and take action on proposed updates to the standard. The updated National Green Building Standard will be presented to the American National Standards Institute for endorsement in 2015.

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