Preventing Construction Site Theft Is a Constant Concern

construction theftA well-stocked construction site is a major advantage for your crews and site managers. Unfortunately, a this kind of site can also be a tempting target for thieves, both inside and outside your organization. Here are some ways of preventing construction site theft that can be effective at reducing losses at all levels.

  • Understand what thieves want: What thieves are often interested in are materials and objects that can be sold for quick money. A popular target is copper wiring and piping, which can be taken relatively easily and sold quickly. Copper wiring and pipes aren’t the only possible targets, however. Even heavy equipment and larger tools and pieces of equipment such as generators can be targeted by thieves. Make sure you understand what thieves are likely to be looking for and recognize what you have on your site that could be appealing to them.
  • Keep records and maintain accountability: Record serial numbers and other identifying information from tools, equipment and vehicles. This will help with recovery if something is stolen. In some cases, you may even want to use an engraver or similar tool to place permanent identifying marks in a hard-to-find spot on the equipment. Tools and smaller pieces of equipment can also be engraved with identifiers. At the beginning and end of each work day, take a quick inventory to make sure nothing’s missing.
  • Secure the site: Lock up appropriate equipment and material in storage containers or other secure spots. Put up fences if necessary. Install alarm systems, extra lighting and security cameras for after-hours monitoring. Considering hiring a guard for site security after working hours. Make sure on-site offices have sturdy doors and bars on the windows. Train all employees in site security and theft prevention practices, such as always locking doors and immediately reporting losses or suspicious activity.

Preventing construction site theft is all you can do to protect your gear and equipment, so making an effort is worth it. For comprehensive and authoritative reports on building permits, housing starts and industry trends, contact Construction Monitor.

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