New Study Explores What Homebuyers Want in an Energy Efficient Home

Interest in residential energy efficiency continues to rise among potential homebuyers in the United States. A new study reveals what homeowners are looking for in an energy efficient home and how likely they are to invest in improved residential efficiency.

energy savingsThe 2014 Energy Pulse study, conducted and released by Shelton Group, contains in-depth information on consumer interest in energy efficiency and sustainability. Based on a representative sample of 2,009 American consumers, the study provides sustainability and energy efficiency professionals with actionable insight into what buyers of their products and services want and need.

The number of U.S. homebuyers interested in buying an energy efficient home within the next two years has remained consistent at about 15 percent each year since 2012, according to the study.

The Energy Pulse study also found that energy efficiency is a significant factor in choosing a home. When choosing between equivalent homes in price, size, location and major amenities, 80 percent of respondents reported that energy efficiency would have an impact on their decision. This percentage has remained relatively consistent from 2011 to 2014.

Water efficiency is also a significant factor for new-home purchasers to 78 percent of respondents.

The 2014 study asked those surveyed if they would be willing to pay more for an energy efficient home that exceeded Energy Star standards. More than 70 percent responded that they would be likely or very likely to pay more for such a home.

The Energy Pulse study covers energy efficiency topics and how consumers perceive and react to them. The Shelton Group is a marketing communications agency based in Knoxville, Tennessee, specializing in serving clients in the energy efficiency and sustainability sectors.

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