5 Ways Contractors Can Use BIM to Ensure a Safe Construction Site

BIM, or building information modeling, is a software-based process used in the construction industry to visualize and assess building designs and options in a virtual environment. BIM allows planners, designers, supervisors and other professionals to evaluate potential designs before any physical construction is done, allowing them to spot any potential problems or conflicts before they’re implemented and require costly corrections. Another potential use for BIM is in building site safety. Using BIM for a safe construction site will improve all aspects of a construction project.

building information modelingHelpful Uses for BIM on a Site

  1. Safety hazards can be analyzed in advance – BIM software can reveal areas of potential danger on a construction site, giving project managers and supervisors the chance to make changes or implement additional safety precautions before employees start working in those areas.
  2. Prefabrication becomes a more realistic option – A BIM analysis allows construction companies to rely more on prefabrication of construction elements. This reduces dangers by eliminating the need to build these elements on-site. Working in a fabrication warehouse reduces the possibility of falls and ensures a safer environment.
  3. Site coordination becomes easier – BIM visualization provides a better way to plan and coordinate site activities, the logistics of moving construction materials and vehicles, and the layout of the site.
  4. Facilities O&M planning is improved – Facilities teams and construction companies can use BIM to create work spaces that are safer, more efficient and have fewer hazards for maintenance personnel.
  5. Daily operations become safer – Managers and supervisors can consult BIM data before any particular day’s work begins, providing insight into where risks could exist in the day’s tasks. Site inspections that ensure adherence to safety processes can also be made more effective by using site visualizations produced by BIM software.

Using BIM for a safe construction site is one way to protect your business and your workers. For more information on recent developments in the construction industry, or on housing starts and building permit issuances, contact Construction Monitor.

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