The Fastest Growing U.S. Cities of 2015 — Where Construction Is Booming

fastest growing U.S. citiesConstruction trends in 2014 and early 2015 indicate that the industry is continuing to expand after taking a significant hit from the U.S. economic recession of 2007 to 2009. Commercial, residential and industrial construction are showing significant increases, while investments in infrastructure are prompting growth in several regions. Industry analysts continue to expect significant growth in the construction sector throughout 2015 and beyond. The following are some of the fastest growing U.S. cities where construction is increasing and industry-related firms could see significant growth in revenue.

Cities With Continued Significant Growth

  • Atlanta, Georgia – Atlanta continues to invest in its downtown area, providing substantial opportunities for construction firms to enjoy a portion of the economic growth. Many projects are intended to increase the downtown area’s retail footprint, with additions like restaurants. Development and expansion is expected to continue well into 2015.
  • Houston, Texas – The growth in the Houston area is being led by a significant increase in housing starts. In 2013, Houston saw more housing starts than the entire state of California. The growth in residential construction continues into 2015 and is expected to persist well into the future. Residential construction is anticipated increase at a 13-percent rate in 2015 and 2016. With ongoing improvement in the city’s economy and the arrival of new residents to take professional jobs, the Houston area’s construction industry is likely continue to thrive.
  • Phoenix, Arizona – Phoenix, considered one of the fastest growing cities in the Unites States, is continuing to see population increases that fuel the city’s current construction boom. Industry experts expect Phoenix to continue growing as the local construction industry recovers from the damage it took from the recession.

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