The Dallas Suburb of Richardson Sees Construction Boom

Richardson, one of Dallas’s first-ring suburbs, is emerging as one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation. It’s experiencing a substantial construction boom that’s making it a top-flight destination for many white-collar and technical companies.


This increase in Dallas construction and development comes as other cities in the area are also experiencing substantial growth, including urban areas in Collin and Denton counties.

As one of the country’s largest commercial real estate areas, Richardson has recently seen significant projects such as the CityLine Complex, a $1.5 billion mixed-use facility on 186 acres. It will be anchored by State Farm Insurance and the high-tech company Raytheon, Inc. The facility will include numerous shopping, dining and entertainment establishments as well.

Nearby, another large-scale development project is expected to produce a large number of offices, apartments, hotel rooms and retail spaces.

Richardson has a longstanding reputation as a high-tech and telecommunications zone, though the latest expansion is being propelled by white-collar businesses in the insurance and financial services industries.

City officials credit Richardson’s location and leadership as crucial to the city’s high rate of expansion. As Dallas’s first northern suburb, Richardson is located at the intersection of two major roadways, Central Expressway and Bush Turnpike. It’s also served by the DART commuter rail line.

Richardson’s municipal leadership has also maintained a consistent vision for the suburb’s growth and development. The city has made significant investments in infrastructure and revival of older areas, along with incentives for companies that relocate to the city.

Once a Texas farming community and railroad town, Richardson was founded in the 1870s. The town began to boom significantly after World War II and grew further with an influx of technology companies in the electronics industry.

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