Protect Roofers From Deadly Falls With These Safety Precautions

Construction is widely recognized as a dangerous business. The tools, materials and conditions that construction professionals operate with and in can cause serious injuries and even death. Some simple precautions and adherence to safety regulations can reduce or eliminate much of the risk found in construction categories. Among these is roofing, a task that exposes workers to potential harm from falls. Here are some ways to protect roofers from deadly falls.

  • Identify risks before work starts  – Safety managers and related professionals should carefully assess the site and requirements before any roofing work begins. Remember that conditions on a roof can change quickly, whether from wind, rain, shifting materials or other factors. Take these into consideration as you plan for roof safety.
  • Use appropriate fall prevention equipment – Fall safety requires the use of fall prevention equipment appropriate to the setting. Safety devices could include fall-arrest systems, guardrails, ladders and other equipment. Make sure all components of these systems are working properly and are in compliance with OSHA regulations or other requirements.
  • Assess structural strength of roof surface – Make sure you know how strong the roof is and whether or not it will be able to safely hold the weight of one or more roofers, their equipment and roofing supplies. Take steps to make the roof stronger, if needed. Pay particular attention to safety around skylights or other openings in the roof.
  • Wear personal protective gear – In addition to fall prevention devices, roofers should wear appropriate clothing and gear. This can include sturdy work shoes with treads that provide good footing, knee pads or elbow pads to protect joints, and durable clothing to protect against cuts, scratches or other minor injuries.
  • Create clear work areas –Place equipment and supplies in areas where they won’t be an obstacle to roofers as they work. Make sure material is staged to prevent the possibility of tripping and falling over tools or supplies.

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