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Our New Features Help You Stay in Touch With the Latest Construction Leads

Construction Monitor has introduced two new features that help construction professionals find new business. Whether looking for construction leads in Cedar City or elsewhere, we can help you locate the industry resources that can help you expand your business.

Improved Weekly Edition Archives

construction worker

Improvements in Construction Monitor’s Weekly Edition Archives have made it easier for users to download, view, and use data from archives of previous time periods.

It’s now possible to view weekly archive editions by year and download a full year of data at one time. As an additional feature, users can see what their subscriptions provide and what data is unavailable based on the type of access that has been purchased.

Users can access the new archive features from the Weekly Editions page at this link.

Click on the “View Archive” link for the appropriate area you’re researching.

Change the time range in the dropdown control near the top of the page to reflect the beginning and ending dates of the period you want to research.

Click the button under the appropriate column heading to download all of the files in the column in one zip file. Remember that larger files with more data are likely to take longer to download.

Saved Search Notifications on Power Search

Users can now receive weekly notification for saved searches on the Power Search page. They can also choose who receives these notifications.

When Construction Monitor publishes new data matching the criteria of the saved search, specified users will receive an email notification. The email will include information such as the type of new results in the search, the number of new results, and a link for loading the saved search for the appropriate week.

On the Power Search page, users can select “Weekly Notice” to enable the feature. Email recipients can be specified in the “Notice Emails” input box.

Construction Monitor continues to add new features that make it easier for construction professionals to gather, track, and analyze important industry data. Contact us today for more information on our new features and on construction lead services in Cedar City.

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