hurricane construction standards

Hurricane Construction Standards can Protect Inland Homes From Tornados

Homeowners in the tornado zones of the United States would be quick to describe how violent severe storms can get. Inland homes in the country’s “tornado alley” and other tornado-prone zones can benefit from borrowing some ideas from home builders on the country’s coasts. Using hurricane construction standards for inland homes can increase the likelihood that a home will survive a storm and, perhaps, even a direct hit from a tornado.

Hurricane and Tornado Considerations

hurricane construction standards

Hurricanes that strike the coastal regions of the United States are severe storms, bringing with them high winds and excessive amounts of rain. However, the winds that accompany hurricanes do not often reach the same strength as those in a tornado.

Whereas hurricanes are spread out over a generally wide area, tornadoes affect smaller geographical locations. Tornadoes more than a mile wide have been reported, while others have been so small that have torn a home down on one side of a street while leaving a house on the other side unharmed.

Much of the time, the only option that homeowners have is a safe room inside the home somewhere or an outdoor storm cellar where they can wait out the weather and home for the best. Using hurricane construction standards for inland homes increases the chance that a home will survive the ferocity of a storm or tornado.

Applying Hurricane Construction Standards

Some of the most effective applications of hurricane construction standards include:

  • Strengthening the connections between the wall and the home’s roof to make it more difficult for these components to be forced apart.
  • Reinforcing the garage door to prevent it from being pushed in and pressurizing the interior of the home, causing serious indoor damage and potentially blowing off the roof.
  • Continuing to create interior safe rooms that are built strong enough to withstand severe storms.

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