4 Benefits of a Telematic System in Construction

benefits of a telematic systemThe more information you have about your construction equipment, the more effectively you can use that equipment. The detailed data a telematic system provides helps you improve efficiency and cost control, but these are just some of the benefits of a telematic system.

Optimize Your Equipment Use

A construction telematic system uses Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers and modems to collect information about individual machines and transmit that information to a webpage where you can monitor it.

You’ll see exactly when a machine is in use and when it’s been left idling. Idling wastes fuel and creates unnecessary wear, so reducing idle time saves you money on operation and maintenance. Knowing how much use a machine gets can also help you decide whether it’s more economical to purchase your own or rent.

Streamline Maintenance

A telematic system simplifies equipment maintenance scheduling by making it easier to see which machines are due for maintenance based on their performance. Keeping up with maintenance reduces equipment downtime. Using a telematic system cuts labor costs by reducing the number of times you’ll need to send out a worker to check on a machine’s condition.

Keep Your Equipment Safe

One of the simplest yet most valuable benefits of a telematic system is its ability to prevent unauthorized use and theft of your equipment. A telematic system can sense when a machine is moving or operating when it shouldn’t be. Some systems allow you to set a curfew window during which the system immobilizes the equipment. If a machine is taken off site, the GPS receivers will help you track it down.

Make Smarter Financial Decisions

A telematic system makes it easy to track equipment hours. You’ll know exactly how many hours a machine was used on each day of a particular job, which helps ensure accurate billing. Knowing how many equipment hours are typically logged on certain types of jobs allows you to make more accurate estimates and stay competitive on pricing.

To learn more about the potential benefits of a telematic system for your firm, contact us at Construction Monitor.

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