The Impact of Technology on Construction Site Management

Recent technological innovations make construction site management more productive and less stressful. GCs only stand to benefit as the use of technology in the construction industry develops.

construction technologyAccurate Tracking Improves Efficiency and Safety

Construction projects involve numerous moving parts that all need to be in place on schedule for work to progress smoothly. Misplaced tools and equipment not only slow work down, they’re also at risk for theft and pose a safety hazard. Tool-tracking barcode technology allows every tool to be printed with a barcode so it can be quickly scanned out for use at the start of the day and scanned in again at the end.

Telematics technology goes a step further by monitoring machines in real time. This technology lets management know exactly where each tracked machine is, whether or not it’s in use, and if it’s in need of service. Streamlined resource allocation and reduced theft are two of this technology’s positive effects. In addition, the data collected can be used to cut idle time that wastes fuel and causes early equipment wear.

Tracking technology has made an impact on workers’ health and safety, too. Wearable smart sensors prevent accidents that happen when a worker ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sensors that monitor body temperature reduce the risk of heat exhaustion.

Mobile Technology Allows Greater Agility

Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile technology in the construction industry mean new information is filed immediately, instead of at the end of the workday. A foremen at a construction site can collect information and instantly upload it to the company’s cloud-based document management system. This gives management a chance to spot emerging problems and address them before they get out of hand.

The document management system allows real-time collaboration between the GC, subcontractors, suppliers, and architects, complete with the ability to share blueprints, project specifications, and photos. Faster, clearer communication lets managers quickly calculate the resources needed for each project. When resource lead time is reduced, projects can kick off sooner.

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