contractor marketing tips for better lead generation

5 Easy Ways to Generate More Construction Leads from Your Website

A contractor website can be either an invaluable tool or a waste of money depending on how it’s designed. To turn yours into a profit-maker, try a few time-tested contractor marketing tips for better lead generation.

contractor marketing tips for better lead generationDisplay top-quality photos: Providing clear photos of your work is one of the best ways to show prospective clients exactly what you’re capable of. A few snapshots won’t cut it. Hire an architectural photographer to take indoor and outdoor shots of your projects in various stages. Display them on your website in a portfolio that’s attractive, clearly labelled, and easy to browse.

Include your website in your leave-behind: When you visit a prospective client, leave a folder containing your brochure, images of your work, and some testimonials. Along with this, include information on why prospects should stop by your website. Focus on what’s in it for them, such as the helpful tips, how-to videos or valuable data they’ll find at your site.

Present important information first: Think about what information a prospective client wants when visiting your site and give that information priority positioning. They’ll want to know what services you offer, what you specialize in, and what your portfolio looks like. A press release about your new Chief Procurement Officer, however, shouldn’t be taking up space on your homepage.

Include a clear call to action (CTA): Know exactly what you want your website visitors to do and make sure your site is designed to lead visitors toward that action. A confused visitor will click away fast. Use a strong call-to-action that encourages the visitor to call or text you, or to fill out your contact form immediately. Include your contact information on every page.

Offer a newsletter: Not every prospective client will contact you on their first visit to your site. Getting visitors signed up to a mailing list gives you more chances to connect with them and win them over. Every month or two, send out a newsletter that offers real value to your prospects.

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