BIM software in the construction industry

How Universal BIM Standards will Improve the Construction Industry

Broader use of BIM software in the construction industry holds great potential to reduce errors and rework. Without standardization, however, adoption of BIM software has been relatively slow. While universal standards aren’t right around the corner, they are increasingly close.

BIM software in the construction industryToo Many Standards Impedes Collaboration

For BIM software use to become universal among construction industry professionals, the software must be practical and easy to use. This can only happen when these programs are standardized enough to allow all team members to collaborate on the same building model no matter what BIM software they’re using.

As it stands, a number of differing standards are used to develop BIM software. Of these, the National BIM Standard-United States (NBIMS-US), created by the buildingSMART alliance, is the most promising option for a universal standard, but not all software developers use it.

Varying standards mean building models developed in one software can’t always be viewed and edited in another. Even if you and your partner use the same software, you can still run into trouble if one of you has a newer version that isn’t compatible with the old version.

Universal Standards Promise Greater Efficiency

In the UK, Norway, and Finland, national standards for BIM software in the construction industry are already a reality. When BIM software is designed to a single standard, it paves the way for everyone involved in the design, planning, and construction of a building to easily share information.

When everyone has access to the model and related documents, the review and approval cycle is shortened. Errors and omissions happen less often because team members can double-check each other’s input. A more accurate model reduces errors during the construction phase. Your firm will have less rework to deal with, saving you both money and time.

There are also intangible benefits. The process of model creation and development encourages a sense of team spirit. The more team members you can include in this process, the more efficiently your team will perform.

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