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Is Paperless Really an Option in the Construction Industry

Paperwork may seem like an inevitable inconvenience, but with the growth of technology in the construction industry, paper documents are becoming less and less necessary. Used wisely, technology can let you break free from the hassle and clutter of paper files.

technology in the construction industryBuilding Plans

Digital plans, such as BIM models and augmented reality, put every part of your project at your fingertips no matter where you are in the world. All authorized team members contribute to a single plan, so everyone has access to the most up-to-date version. That means fewer errors and delays caused by confusion over outdated plans. Because everyone on the team can share their input and solicit ideas from each other at their convenience, collaboration happens faster and more often.

Project Management

Every construction project requires countless pages of documentation and keeping it all organized drains your time and resources. Construction project management software lets you organize, update, and review all your documentation on one single platform. You can manage your schedule, budget, bidding, building plans, contracts, and other aspects of your projects without a single printed page.

Employee Timesheets

Mobile timesheet apps let your workers clock in and out right from their smart phones, and let supervisors easily monitor every worker. With some apps, timesheets can be completed at the end of each day, and the data sent to your accounting system. There’s no time lost and no risk of error as there is when entering hand-written records. As a plus, when your labor costs are updated daily, you can track job costs by the day for greater accuracy.

Document Storage

The use of technology in the construction industry in a huge space and time-saver for many companies. By storing your documents online in a cloud storage solution, you’ll save office space and keep your documents safe from fire, floods, and theft. You and your team members can instantly access any document from wherever you are at the moment. Try that with an office full of filing cabinets.

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