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CNET’s Best Smart Home Devices

With more and more homeowners choosing smart home technology for their residential spaces, these devices continue to become more sophisticated even as they become more common. CNET, a leading technology website, recently named some of the year’s best smart home devices, including devices that represent home security trends, energy efficiency, and homeowner convenience.

home security trendsBest Smart Thermostat

CNET reviewer Ry Crist gave high marks to the Nest Learning Thermostat, a smart and elegant thermostat that increases homeowner control over indoor comfort levels. The Nest thermostat, while fully programmable, is designed to “learn” your indoor temperature preferences, eventually providing the comfort you prefer automatically.

The thermostat can be controlled remotely through smartphone and computer apps.  It is also equipped with motion sensors that can automatically reduce HVAC system operation if there has been no activity in the home.

Best Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock commanded CNET’s attention. Crist noted that the lock is intended as a retrofit, and as such is easy to install and has the capability of working with existing deadbolt locks. The lock also provides good levels of user management that make it a top choice among the current crop of smart locks.

Best DIY Home Security Kit

The iSmart Alarm system gives homeowners a diverse suite of security devices that are relatively easy to install. The system offers effective security at a lower price than commercially installed systems. It includes motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and alarms that homeowners can place where they prefer. Intelligent management and monitoring via Smartphone app makes this system even more convenient.

Best Standalone Smart Home Hub Kit

CNET considered the SmartThings Know and Control Your Home kit the best standalone smart home hub. This device provides homeowners with an easy way to take advantage of the many facets of smart home automation.

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