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Beyond the Double-Wide: High-End Modular Homes

Today’s modular homes are a far cry from the cheaply-made, double-wide trailers that preceded them. Modern modular construction is capable of producing durable luxury homes that are just as comfortable and attractive as site-built homes. They also offer benefits for construction firms.

modular constructionQuality Homes Built Faster

Less material and equipment are needed to construct a modular home compared to a site-built one. That means you’ll face fewer problems with logistics issues such as planning access routes, arranging materials delivery, and storing and securing your supplies.

Because it’s performed in controlled, factory-like construction facilities, modular home construction carries less risk of error. The automation and specialized labor used result in greater precision, more consistent quality, and faster production. The sections of the home arrive on site ready for assembly, so you’re less likely to lose time to construction mishaps.

Modular homes can be erected 30 to 50 percent faster than site-built homes. With these faster assembly times, weather is less of a concern, so your construction firm can work for more months out of the year.

Greater Cost Savings

Much of the expense of traditional construction comes from the cost of paying skilled workers to perform a wide variety of jobs. With a modular home, fewer skilled workers are required on the job site because the sections of the home are already complete and only need to be fit together.

Setting a modular home on a foundation involves fewer jobs that are likely to cause injury. The quality control processes used during manufacturing help ensure the sections are as free from hazards as possible. On the job site, workers have relatively few exposed wires, chemicals, power tools, and heights to deal with. This keeps your workers safe and cuts down on workers’ compensation claims.

Modular construction also reduces waste. Excess materials from one home can be kept at the manufacturing site and reused in another home. Because there’s less dust and debris created while setting the home, cleanup is faster, which saves you even more on labor costs.

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  1. It’s so interesting that there are higher end modular homes! I feel like this is a good trend to be having done. Being able to construct homes so easily is definitely beneficial!

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