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Using Social Media to Get More Leads

Even if you don’t use Facebook, Twitter or any of the many other social media platforms, you’ve most likely heard of them. They are not just for the young or the tech-savvy. These social media platforms are important components of modern communications, and they are a crucial tool in attracting new customers and building your business. Here are some ways social media in the construction industry can apply to lead generation.

  • construction leadsSocial media gives you direct contact with leads: Some lead generation techniques are relatively anonymous, but social media allows you to immediately connect directly with potential customers. Using a platform such as Facebook, for example, allows leads to see details about your company, but at the same time it gives them a way to ask questions and make comments in a forum where they can expect answers. Social media sites also let leads see how you interact with other customers.
  • Social media lets you make it more personal: With a social media presence, you can control the type of information that is presented to your leads and customers. This gives you the opportunity to personalize your offerings and make your company look more “human.” Customers don’t want to deal with a faceless business, they want to deal with a person. With social media, you can add an important personal touch to your business dealings, showing that there are real people behind the company image.
  • Social media requires consistent effort over time: The nature of social media means that it is not likely to produce immediate results. Much as in any relationship-building process, there needs to be a period of introduction and further interaction before the relationship solidifies. Schedule sufficient time to apply to your social media efforts, whether that involves writing blog entries, making Facebook posts or sending Twitter tweets.

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