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Using Case Studies to Generate Leads

In the search for new customers, the company that does the most to solve customer problems and alleviate their “pain points” is the company that will likely get the most new business. Using case studies for lead generation in the construction business allows you to inform your leads on what you do and how you do it, as well as how your products and services will resolve their most important issues.

construction leadsWhat Are Case Studies?

A case study is a detailed account of an event, process, or subject relevant to a specific business. They often focus on how a problem was identified and how it was resolved. Case studies usually spend significant effort describing how the resolution applies to either a customer’s needs or a company’s offerings.

The Structure of Case Studies

Case studies are important tools you can use to tell your potential customers why and how your services can solve their problems. They are often written by professionals and can contain complex information intended to inform sophisticated audiences.

A general structure to use for case studies requires the first 10 percent of the document to be used establishing the client’s background.

Next, about 50 percent of the text should be used to describe, in depth, a very specific problem encountered by a client. This could be a problem that can be applicable in several situations, or it could be specific to a client you’re trying to attract.

The final 40 percent of the case study should describe, again in substantial detail, the solutions applied to the problem and how they resolved the issue. In a custom-written case study, this is where you will have the opportunity to highlight your company’s strengths and how they can help your potential customer.

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