3d printing in the construction industry

Are 3D Printed Houses the Next Big Thing?

The advances in 3D printing technology have given engineers, designers and hobbyists the ability to imagine and produce objects on a small scale. In several cities around the world, however, 3D printing in the construction industry is becoming more widely accepted as its benefits become clearer.

3d printing in the construction industryArchitectural 3D printing can allow the construction of multiple structures with unprecedented speed, efficiency and cost savings. For example, a Chinese company, WinSun, claimed that it was able to build 10 houses in 24 hours using a proprietary 3D printing system, according to a January 19, 2015 article by reporter Michelle Starr on the CNET website.

Even more remarkably, the houses built by WinSun were very inexpensive, costing only $5,000 each, according to information in an article on the Business Insider website.

Other major projects using 3D architectural printing have been noted in Germany, the Netherlands, Dubai and Singapore.

In the United States, 3D printing of houses and buildings has sparked interest among advocates of zero-energy housing and energy-efficient construction. As in other areas of the world, American builders, owners, and construction professionals are quickly seeing the benefits to using 3D printing of structures.

The technology involved in 3D architectural printing has quickly advanced to the point where entire structures can be built at once. In other contexts, such as the construction of large apartment buildings or high-rise office structures, 3D printing can be used to prefabricate individual rooms or modules that are then assembled as needed.

One of the most appealing benefits of 3D printing is its potential to dramatically reduce the costs of creating a building of almost any size. Materials costs can be slashed through more efficient use of construction materials and through the substantial reduction of waste. Labor costs are also reduced since 3D printing requires fewer workers.

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