Is This New Metal Roofing Design a Game Changer?

Metal roofing has a lot to offer in terms of versatility, durability and energy efficiency, but currently popular installation methods all have certain drawbacks. The new Eclipse Roof System was designed to let you enjoy the benefits of metal roofs without the drawbacks.

metal roofingAn Alternative to Standard Roofing Systems

Most metal roofs are either standing seam systems or through-fastened systems, with standing seam systems being by far the most common. In a standing seam system, there are no roof penetrations and the panel fasteners are concealed by raised steams, which helps minimize risk of leaks. On the downside, they’re more complex and more expensive to install than through-fastened systems.

In through-fastened systems, the panel fasteners penetrate the roof panels themselves. The usual choice of fastener is a nail or screw fit with a rubber grommet. These are easy to install, but as you might expect, the penetrations raise the risk of leaks.

The Eclipse Roof System from Lester Building Systems combines the advantages of both standing seam and through-fastened metal roofing in one low-cost, easy-to-install system. You’ll enjoy the simplicity of a through-fastened roof as well as the leak-free joints and streamlined appearance of a standing seam roof.

Improved Strength and Appearance, Reduced Costs

The Eclipse Roof System uses 36-inch wide, 26-gauge panels that are through-fastened with a unique, patented system of ribs and battens. The roof batten snaps over the ribs, keeping out the rain and concealing the fasteners. The result is a roof that’s both stronger and more weatherproof than a standing seam roof. You’ll also find the clean lines of the roof lend it a more polished, modern look.

The average standing seam roof panel stands at 12 to 19 inches wide, so the wider Eclipse panels speed up your installation work. The panels can be installed over open purlins, meaning you can forego the roofdeck. These advantages cut your installation and materials costs, leaving more room for your company to profit.

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