OSHA’s Fall Prevention Campaign

It’s widely accepted that construction is a dangerous business, particularly for those who work on roofs or projects high above the ground. A fall from as little as six feet above the ground can cause serious injury or death. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) maintains an ongoing fall prevention program to address this important area of job site safety. Here are some of the elements of this program and how it helps prevent roofing falls.

  • prevent roofing fallsPlanning: When construction jobs will require employees to work on roofs or at heights, OSHA recommends that the job be carefully planned before anyone even sets foot on a ladder. Managers and safety professionals should decide how the job is to be done and what tasks will be involved. With this information, further decisions about safety procedures and equipment can be made. Remember that safety equipment should be included in the initial bid for the project.
  • Providing: Fall protection and safety equipment should be provided to all employees working at heights. Ladders, scaffolds and similar equipment appropriate to the job should be made easily and readily available. Harnesses and other personal fall arrest systems (PFAS) should be issued when needed. All anchors for attaching personal safety systems should be sturdy and capable of handing the stresses associated with a fall. PFAS equipment should be properly utilized and regularly inspected to ensure it’s in good working order.
  • Training: Make sure your employees know how to use their fall safety equipment by providing in-depth training on the use of PFAS gear and other necessary devices. Train employees in how to recognize potential fall hazards and how to avoid them when possible. Give instruction on what to do if safety equipment isn’t up to standard. Ensure your employees are granted both the right and the requirement to question safety procedures and to halt work if safety has been compromised.

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