benefits of a telematic system

Telematics in Construction is On the Rise

Technology continues to increase in importance in the construction industry, helping companies maintain efficiency and profitability. Many constructions businesses are finding that the benefits of a telematic system have improved profits while boosting overall on-site performance.

benefits of a telematic systemConstruction telematics combines two areas of technology — telecommunications and informatics — to provide real-time data on the performance of construction vehicles and equipment. Once they are attached to vehicles and machinery, telematics devices use cellular and other telecommunications systems to transmit important information about the vehicle’s performance. Telematic data typically includes information such as:

  • GPS position of the vehicle
  • Fuel consumption
  • Downtime and idle times
  • Developing problems
  • Alerts and warnings

Telematic data can give managers, planners, and other on-site professionals important information about how the equipment is working. With this information, changes can be made that increase performance and efficiency and, in the long run, profits.

For example, telematics can reveal when construction equipment is idling and not working, prompting potential reallocation of resources. Data from brake systems, engines, and other components can indicate overheating or other malfunctions that can often be corrected early enough to prevent a costly major repair. GPS tracking can provide full awareness of the location of a piece of equipment, deterring theft or helping track and recover stolen vehicles.

Better Accuracy

By using the data from a telematics system, construction planners and estimators can offer more accurate bids and cost estimates. Variable costs, such as fuel, can be tracked and managed more easily. The cost of ownership of a specific vehicle can be determined, helping business owners determine if repair or replacement is the more cost-effective option when the vehicle needs maintenance or breaks down.

Earlier, telematics systems were more common on larger pieces of construction equipment, but many companies have come to realize that telematic data can be just as important for smaller vehicles.

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