Construction Lead Generation – a 3-Pronged Approach

crowd trade showThere are numerous approaches to construction lead generation, but a few stand out as particularly effective. While relying on just one method can limit your growth, choosing several proven approaches lets you refine your skill with each while maximizing your lead flow.

Prospect for Leads

By visiting a potential client at their place of business, you have the chance to develop a personal rapport that can’t be achieved over the phone or through direct mail. Before you go, familiarize yourself with your prospect’s current projects and needs so you can offer yourself as an expert resource, not just a salesperson.

Invest in thoughtfully designed leave-behind material, such as an informational packet or booklet that showcases your best work and reminds your potential client of how you can help them.

Encourage Referrals

Word of mouth has long been a powerful construction lead generation method, but referrals rarely happen by chance. Making it easy and rewarding to send you referrals does a lot to keep them flowing in.

After every successful project, follow up with a package of printed material that includes a thank-you letter as well as a form for a testimonial and referrals. Offer an incentive such as a restaurant gift certificate, event tickets or even cash for every lead sent your way that turns into a sale.

Give your current and former clients a call every three to six months to check in and let them know you’re there to help solve their problems. This helps ensure they’ll remember to recommend you to anyone in their circle looking for construction services.

Participate in Trade Shows

Attending a trade show gives you access to a huge pool of highly targeted leads. Professionals who take the time to attend are deeply interested in the products and services available there and often ready to close a deal immediately. That said, it’s critical to choose the right show for your segment of the industry and have a strategy going in. Establish your goals before you start preparing for the event.

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