Lead Generation Toolbox: 4 Methods You Can’t Afford to Ignore

lead generationA steady flow of construction leads keeps your firm running strong and fuels your growth. To achieve that steady flow, you need a strategy based on reliable lead-generation methods. There are plenty of methods you could use, but a few stand out as especially productive.

Active Prospecting

Whether it’s by cold calling or inviting key business owners to luncheons, you need to reach out to bring in leads. When you contact your prospects, mention someone the prospect already has an interest in or identify a specific business issue you can help with. Always have something of value to offer. Reliable construction industry data can help you identify good prospects and better define what you can offer them.

Planned Referrals

Referrals are some of the most favorable leads possible, but getting them requires some forethought. When a job is nearing completion, invite your client and their friends to the construction site for a progress review. When the job is done, follow up with a thank-you package that includes a referral form the client can use to pass along the contact information of anyone who might need your services. Consider offering a reward for every lead that turns into a sale.

Strategic Trade Shows Participation

Choose the right trade show and you’ll put your business in front of hundreds of potential clients. To attract qualified leads, design your booth and signage to clearly express what you do. Provide useful information, whether through signs and pamphlets or in conversation. Attract attention by handing out giveaways that are closely related to the services you offer.

Goal-Oriented Website Design

If you expect your website to bring in construction leads, you’ll need to plan the path your visitors will take from the page they land on all the way to the contact or sign-up form. Start by providing useful information prospects are searching for online. Then optimize every step to move your visitor forward. That means including strong calls to action at the very least.

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