The Value Of Effectively Branded Content

brand buildingWhen your prospects have thousands of other construction firms just a click away, it’s hard to stand out based on your services alone. Consistent brand building shows off your unique competencies more clearly while also connecting with your ideal clients and building lasting loyalty.

Holding Their Attention

Branded content is any content strongly associated with a specific brand and that aims to evoke emotions and encourage interaction. It blends marketing with storytelling and personal relationships.

To create content like this, you need to start with your client’s own stories. That means really getting to know the people in your target market both by collecting data and by talking with them in person. Then associate what you learn with the construction services you offer.

Done well, you’ll have content that reflects your clients’ reality and connects with them on a personal and emotional level. When your prospects feel like your marketing message is speaking directly to them and has real relevance, they’re more likely pay close attention all the way to the end. You’ll then have a better chance to demonstrate the benefits of your services and why you’re better than your competition.

Capturing Their Hearts

While advertorials aim to soft-sell by focusing on facts, branded content combines facts with positive feelings. The emotional connection this kind of brand building content creates is something that can’t be easily replaced by another firm. As a result, your clients’ choice to hire your firm is no longer merely a coldly logical business decision, but rather a personal one.

Clients who are emotionally attached to your brand are more likely to advocate for you and send referrals your way. If an emotionally connected client is unhappy with something, they’re more likely to tell you and work things through, rather than simply move on to another firm. They’ll also be more willing to defend your name if you ever have a public relations issue. In addition, these clients are less price sensitive, meaning you can set more profitable rates.

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