Finding Leads Online – A Beginners Guide

online lead generationWhether you’re new to the construction industry or an experienced pro, getting back to the basics of finding leads online can pay off fast.

Mining Business Directories

Particularly if you work with property developers and other real estate professionals, business directories are rich sources of potential leads. Start by searching online for “business directory” or “association” along with the title or industry of the people you want to work with. These directories typically list their members’ contact information. Business networking sites, such as LinkedIn and PerfectBusiness, also make it easy to find and get in touch with professionals in your target market.

Searching on Social Media

Popular social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are full of people sharing plans, asking questions, and looking for input. With a little creative searching, you can spot homeowners getting ready to renovate, commercial real estate investors interested in office buildings, and anyone else you might do business with. You can search by keyword or hashtags such as #homeimprovement as well as define a location.

The information someone posts and the questions they ask tell you something about where they are in the buying cycle so you can respond appropriately. A soft-sell approach is the way to go here, and answering a question or offering tips is enough to bring your firm to a potential client’s attention.

Participating in Forums and Blogs

Like social media, forums and the comments section of active blogs are places people turn for advice and the chance to mingle with those who share their interests. The comments and questions there can lead you straight to your potential clients. Start by making a genuine effort to participate and contribute while staying alert for posts from anyone who might need your services.

Actively tracking down leads, known as outbound marketing, is an effective way to get started finding leads online, but attracting leads to your website through inbound online marketing can also bring valuable, long-term results.


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