3 Strategic Content Planning Methods

strategic content planningGood planning and time management makes content creation easier and helps ensure you really connect with the construction clients you want. No single content planning method is right for everyone, though. Find one that fits your working style and you can get better results with less effort.

  1. Keep it short, sweet, and timely – What’s basic information to you might be a valuable discovery for your readers. To make things easier on both of you, base your content on the topics you find easy to write about and keep it short and pithy. Make a list of topics you’re well versed in so you’ll always have ideas on hand. Because you won’t need extensive research for this method, you can more easily hook into trending topics. Get fresh ideas from your clients’ questions, the topics your social media followers are talking about, and the blog comments and forum posts you’ve read recently.
  2. Let your audience lead – If you’re new to content planning and not quite sure what will appeal to your target audience, a little research can help. Find out what your potential clients are looking for online by conducting keyword research and checking out your competitors’ blogs and social media accounts to see what’s getting comments and shares. Ask your current clients what they’d like to learn more about, too. Then combine their interests with your goals. If you want more commercial retail clients and find they’re interested in natural lighting options for flex spaces, there’s your next blog post idea.
  3. Play the long game – If you want to make content a major part of your marketing, it will be easier to stay on track by planning three months to a year out. Creating an editorial calendar far in advance gives you the time you need to develop comprehensive, in-depth content that garners back links and social shares. You’ll have a chance to do thorough research, conduct interviews, and arrange guest posts. This method also ensures you’ll always have ideas ready to go.

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