Using Online Reviews Correctly to Increase Visibility

online reviewsBlogging and using social media aren’t the only ways to bring more online attention to your construction firm. By leveraging good reviews, you’ll get more eyes on your business while also making a great first impression.

How Reviews Get You Seen

While it might seem the only job of your online reviews is to convince prospects of your expertise, the benefits start long before that. Reviews are part of what help those prospects find your business in the first place.

On platforms such as Google My Business and the BBB’s website, business profiles with the most reviews and the highest ratings tend to rank better in the search engine results than less active profiles. When your prospect searches for “office building construction,” on Google or another search engine, they’ll see a profile with 10 reviews of 4 stars or higher before one that’s written to target that phrase, but lacks reviews.

The amount of activity your profile sees also helps boost its search engine ranking. The more reviews your profile gets, the more people will see it and later leave reviews themselves, creating a self-perpetuating cycle of online popularity.

Making Reviews Work for You

First, choose one or two review platforms to focus on. Google My Business is one of the most reliable options.

To maximize your business profile’s visibility, you’ll need to actively encourage your clients to leave reviews. After you solve a problem for your client, do them a favor or complete a project they’re happy with, directly ask for a review. Send a short email with a link to your preferred review site. To make their job even easier, offer ideas on what to comment on, such adherence to schedule and budget, quality of workmanship, and ease of communication.

Add review site buttons to your website as a reminder for your existing and returning clients.

Avoid the temptation to buy reviews. Review platforms can often detect fake comments and will penalize your profile for them.

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