How to Effectively Use Pillar Content to Build a Brand

pillar contentPillar content, as its name implies, helps support your construction company’s image online. Used correctly, it can get the word out about what your brand stands for and attract more of your ideal clients.

Expressing Your Brand

A pillar post is a blog post that covers a specific topic in depth within around 2000 words. It aims to solve a clearly defined problem your target prospects are researching online.

Deciding which problems to write about is the first step in using your pillar posts to express your brand. If you want to be the regional go-to company for the safest medical facilities, your posts might cover issues such as improving climate control and optimizing traffic flow in these buildings. Throughout your posts, show your readers how your services can solve the problem you’re writing about.

Let your writing style reflect what your brand stands for in a way that sets you apart from your competitors. Are you the fun-loving home renovation team, the sophisticated luxury hotel specialists or the down-to-earth industrial facilities company? Whichever brand personality you go with, make sure it shines through your writing.

Getting the Word Out

No pillar content should stand alone. For each post, create five to seven shorter posts that expand on subtopics from the pillar post and link back to it. When you write new content, refer back to any related pillar posts. This keeps the focus on content that characterizes your brand while also boosting the pillar posts’ search engine rankings.

Reuse your pillar posts’ content to save time and keep your brand image consistent across everything your produce. Turn the information in your posts into email series, infographics, video scripts, and social media posts.

To reach new prospects, contact bloggers in complementary fields and let them know you have something their audience might enjoy. If your pillar content offers genuine value, chances are good you’ll find someone willing to share your work.

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