Blogging Frequency – Finding the Sweet Spot for Your Construction Business

blog scheduleHow often you publish to your construction blog can make a real difference in how many clients your efforts bring you. More blogging isn’t always better, though. Your ideal blogging frequency should meet both your target audiences’ needs and your own.

Meet Your Readers’ Expectations

How often you should post depends heavily on the type of clients you’re trying to attract. If you’re targeting property developers, investors, and other business people, chances are your readers don’t have a lot of time to browse blogs. What’s more, because they know their field well, they’ll be looking for in-depth articles that provide valuable insight, guidance, and information they can’t easily find elsewhere. For readers like this, you’ll get better results publishing fewer, but more comprehensive posts. One post a week is reasonable.

On the other hand, if you focus on retired homeowners interested in aging-in-place renovations, your readers have more time to stop by your blog. As non-experts, they’ll also appreciate having the basics explained in bite-sized chunks. These factors make it more practical to publish short posts two or three times a week.

Be Realistic About Your Schedule

Consistency is critical for building a loyal audience and maintaining your search engine rankings, so choose a posting frequency you know you can manage. Consider how many hours a week you can realistically commit to writing blog posts and how long it takes you to finish one.

If you know you have a news-hungry audience that would eat up daily posts, but you have little time to write, then stick with two or three short posts weekly so you can stay consistent. If your readers are more interested in practical, decision-making guidance, though, it makes more sense to put your limited blogging time into one in-depth post a week.

Typically, publishing fewer, but higher-quality posts will bring you more comments and social media shares. Long, comprehensive blog posts also help your search engine rankings and, more importantly, they tend to bring in more leads

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