How to Use Storytelling to Attract New Business

storytellingIt’s part of human nature that stories hold our attention and teach us more than dry facts and data. The same holds true when you’re telling potential clients about your construction company. Storytelling helps you attract new clients by painting a clear, emotionally resonant picture of the benefits your company offers.

Celebrate Your Clients’ Successes

Before they hire you, your would-be clients want some assurance that others have had success working with you. One of the best ways to give them that is by telling the stories of your clients who’ve gone on to great things. It might be the story of the boutique hotel you built that’s now seeing above-average occupancy rates or the auto shop owner whose new warehouse has let him expand into a new line of business.

Sharing success stories like these lets your prospects envision themselves as one of your future successful clients. When they can do that, they’ll be excited to get in touch with you. When you write about your clients, with their approval, talk about the individuals involved on a personal level. People relate to people, not companies.

Share Your Hard-Won Accomplishments

Stories of overcoming obstacles are a chance to show off your skill, flexibility, and ingenuity. They tell your prospects you can handle anything their project throws at you. They also show you value transparency, assuring your prospects they can trust you to be upfront when difficulties turn up.

To really showcase your competence, tell stories that come from challenges you chose to tackle, such as building a multistory office complex on peaty clay or meeting a client’s stringent demands for environmental sustainability. Stories like these work especially well for attracting prospects with specific requirements most construction companies can’t handle.

Once you have your stories written, get them out to your target audience by publishing them on your blog, including them in your newsletter and lead magnets, and promoting them on your social media accounts.

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