5 Tips for Increasing Your Social Media Presence in a Meaningful Way

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If you want to bring in new clients through social media, just showing up isn’t enough. Instead of occasionally posting photos of your finished construction projects, aim to connect with your target clients in a meaningful, personal way.

  1. Use a natural voice – On social media, people want to connect with others on a personal level, not read announcements from faceless corporations. Stay away from formal, business-like writing and write as if you’re talking to a favorite client. Express your personality through appropriate humor, casual observations, and comments on what you’re doing that day.
  2. Share behind-the-scenes images – Candid photos of your staff at work or (with permission) your clients enjoying their new property let your followers get to know the people behind the logo. A photo of your builders taking a break on site shows your company’s human side, but also demonstrates your dedication.
  3. Post consistently – Your potential new clients have little reason to follow or interact with you if they never know when you’ll be around. Find a posting schedule that works for you and stick with it. Create an editorial calendar that lays out all your social media posts for a month or more ahead. This way, you’ll never miss a day because you couldn’t think of anything to post, but you’ll still have space for spontaneity.
  4. Help, don’t just sell – Posting things that truly benefit your audience will keep them coming back as well as build their trust in your expertise. Offer your own tips, advice, and insight. Share news, research, infographics, and other material they might find useful. If someone asks you a question, respond promptly.
  5. Build relationships – Focus on building real relationships with potential clients, not just increasing your follower count. You’ll benefit more from 100 followers who genuinely want to work with you than from 1,000 who just like pretty home renovation pictures. Start by commenting on posts instead of just “liking” them, asking your followers questions, and searching for questions you can answer.

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