How Thinking Outside the Box Can Help Your Online Marketing

think outside the boxNo matter how specialized your construction company, chances are you have competition that’s marketing online to the same audience. Instead of spending more on ads to outcompete them, outmaneuver them with a little creative thinking.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Attention spans online are short. Ads are largely ignored and most blog posts given little more than a quick scan. To spark your ideal clients’ interest, you need to offer something fresh that’s laser-targeted to their needs. Thinking outside the box lets you find new approaches your audience doesn’t see every day.

Take a second look at the reasons your clients choose to work with you, develop more detailed buyer personas to learn about their habits, and look outside the construction industry for inspiration. If your clients appreciate the level of personal attention you offer, market through limited-attendance webinars. If they have long commutes, produce an industry-specific podcast to give them something to listen to on the way. Marketing to young families? Create a “Kids’ Corner” for your website.

Break into New Markets

Creative thinking can help you spot potential clients you’ve been overlooking. While this could mean entering a whole new sector, such as small office construction when you’ve been focusing on retail construction, it can also mean targeting subniches within your current specialties. Maybe you discover there’s a growing demand for storefront remodeling that could be even more profitable than the retail buildout services you usually offer.

To uncover new possibilities, re-evaluate the analytics data from your website, email list, and advertising campaigns with an open mind. Go through any client surveys and comments you have, too. Pay close attention to what your audience has shown interest in and what they’ve been asking for.

This process also helps you define your ideal clients more clearly. By targeting narrowly defined, overlooked groups, you can improve the cost-effectiveness of your search engine and social media advertising and the efficiency of your search engine optimization.

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