Construction Data: Getting More Value From Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media holds a lot of potential for a resourceful construction company, but it also poses the risk of turning into a frustrating time sink if you jump in without a plan. Building your social media marketing plan with hard data helps ensure your efforts bring profitable results

Focus on Their Interests

Choosing attention-grabbing topics for your posts is an essential part of successful social media marketing. Construction data can help you plan your posts by giving you insight into what your ideal customers might want to see.

If you specialize in light fixtures and building permit data shows home remodeling is booming, you might focus on giving advice to homeowners planning to remodel and suggest ways to include your light fixtures. If more permits are going to industrial projects, you might post tips on improving safety and productivity in factories and warehouses, and demonstrate how your light fixtures can help.

Appeal to Their Budget

If you’ve ever avoided a business just because it looked out of your price range, you know the importance of making the right first impression visually. On social media, photos, graphics, and videos are a critical factor in the image your company projects. By telling you how much your target customers are spending on their projects, building permit data can help you define what kind of image will appeal to your target customers.

If you sell tile and stone and find a large number of permits issued for new high-end retail spaces, you’ll want visuals that convey the classic beauty of your products. You might attract these customers with professional shots showing how your gleaming marble flooring will set off their teak wood display cases. When more permits are being issued for moderately priced spaces, though, you’ll need a different approach. These owners might be more interested in images that show how their customers’ muddy boots are no match for your granite floors.

For more tips on building your social media marketing plan with construction data, contact us at Construction Monitor.

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