Raising Garage Door Industry Revenues with Construction Data

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Garage doors are like the keys to treasure chests. Inside a garage is a transportation system that keeps your customers working, kids going to school and music lessons or a tailgate-party machine. Garage doors can protect that classic car which only sees daylight occasionally. Or it could help protect the clutter everyone wants to hide.

It’s a garage door.

Using construction data, garage door manufacturers and sales/service and installation professionals keep an eye on their territories in the United States. If you’re competing with other garage door companies, you should too.

Construction Data Can Open Doors

The global Garage Door Opener market is valued at 1152.6 million US$ in 2020…expected to reach 1307.8 million US$ by the end of 2026, growing at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 1.8%. kake.com

In 2019, garage doors and garage door openers saw an encouraging global industry “upswing.” (Yes, the puns are bad, but the news is great.) Trends, developments, revenue, and demand increased. What’s even better, the forecast through 2026 is looking very good.

This data is what construction industry professionals use to make business decisions. For example, the number of housing starts in your region for years 2014-2019 is historical information that can help you make strategic marketing decisions.

Based on economic predictors, what should you expect for the years 2020-2025? Is it even possible to predict that far ahead?

Construction data can show the number of remodeling building permits applied for in your city or county. It can also reveal what companies are getting the most work. These are industry partners with who you want to be aligned with in the future.

Geographic and Demographic-Specific Construction Data

It’s important to monitor global industry trends. You would be remiss if you didn’t study U.S. construction industry trends. But what’s most important is what’s going on where you live, where you work, and where your target market lives and works. You need comprehensive and local information.

We’ve got what you need to increase business and raise revenues and we encourage you to take advantage. Contact Construction Monitor to learn more about your construction industry niche.

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