Building Permit Reports for Construction Data Analytics

Building permit reports

Don’t think because your target market is Small Town, Oklahoma you don’t need to follow global and national construction trends. You do.

Many countries follow our lead in global construction solutions and advances. But several European countries are more advanced in setting construction-industry trends. What they’re building today is likely your project focus tomorrow.

Nothing is more important to your business right now than accessing local construction information. To make solid decisions, your data analytics must include building permit reports for your state, county, city, and nearby communities.

Track Trends

Don’t look for A-frame houses to make a comeback, but if they do, you need to be one of the first to capitalize on that knowledge. Construction trends in your market are critical to your marketing plan.

Which contractors are solid alignments for your business? Where are your competitors heading and why? The data is provided. Some of the analytics are also provided but it’s up to you to use what you’ve learned.

Access Tools Your Competitors Don’t Have

Your software program for estimating costs and expenses is an integral part of your business. It likely forms the foundation for your company’s in-house toolbox.

You have online tools as well. You have exclusive, powerful data tools available to you for analyzing construction industry information. Your online toolbox is one of your greatest assets. It can help you determine more competitive, profitable pricing. With it, you can stay up-to-date on data for a specific area you need to be knowledgeable about.

Construction Monitor is the U.S. leader in timely and accurate building permit information. Call 800-925-6085 (international callers 435-586-1205) or contact Construction Monitor with questions or concerns.

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