Using Construction Data in the Roofing Industry

roofing industry construction data

Specific construction data harvested from building permits can assist in targeting products for the roofing industry and ancillary companies. While small, limited roof patching may not require pulling a building permit, virtually all municipalities do require building permits for any re-roofing project that exceeds mere patching.

What’s Up On The Roof?

Relevant information to be gleaned from a roofing building permit includes the total square footage of roofing to be installed. Material details specified in the permit also include the type of decking and underlayment to be installed, the type of fasteners—nails, staples, etc—and/or adhesives utilized for installation of the roofing, and the roofing shingle material itself.  

Opportunities for targeted sales of roofing materials include:

  • Roof decking. This is typically plywood sheets or OSB (Oriented Strand Board) that serve as the solid surface on which the roofing shingles are installed.
  • Underlayment. A water-resistant layer that serves as a barrier to protect the decking from severe weather. It’s typically made of asphalt-saturated felt, synthetic underlayment or rubberized asphalt.
  • Shingles. Most residential re-roofing utilizes one of three common types: asphalt shingles, tiles molded from terra cotta or slate, or wood—usually cedar or redwood.  
  • Flashing. Metal strips that divert water flowing down a roof away from an intersecting vertical surface, such as a wall, chimney or other construction.

Ancillary Opportunities

Re-roofing a house often also presents an occasion to make other improvements. Construction data from roofing building permits can point the way to a market for products or services that are not specifically roofing materials. For example, the installation of new improved gutters and downspouts usually accompanies a new roof.  Buying decisions about home improvements, such as skylights, which require cutting holes in the roof, are often made when a house is being re-roofed.  Adding a new roof is also an opportune time to install solar panels if the occupants of the house are inclined towards solar power.

For more information about the benefits of building permit data related to the roofing industry, contact Construction Monitor today!

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