Using Construction Data as a Home Builder

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Today, construction data drives residential development.

That data is shared with creditors, backers, shareholders, and pretty much everyone inside and outside our industry. “There are powerful analytical tools now available to guide a residential construction company’s course,” said Jonathan Smoke, national research professional. “There’s opportunity at every level.”

How to Use Construction Data Tools

There are thousands of home builders with fewer than 50 employees. They use building permit information in several ways:

  • Begin with real-time leads – This tool presents building permits as they are entered even before they are published. Real-time. The construction data is raw, and small companies act quickly to align themselves with housing developers.
  • Learn from statisticsBasic statistics provide an overview of all construction. This is how you get an overview of what’s new in your corner of the world. Or the entire country, if you wish. You must specify:
    • Company type
    • Construction type
    • Area
    • County
    • Jurisdiction
    • Date range
  • Detailed statistics are more comprehensive – You can compare time periods to see detailed construction data indicators for growth. Click “update” to see building permits sorted into class and type. If there’s a hyperlinked word in this report, click it for even more detail.
  • Manage your website’s current photos and content – Once you follow-up on leads, your potential customers will want to know who you are. They want to see examples of your work. They should see your website, read its content, look at your examples and feel. They should feel as if your work will make their project better.

Understand Construction Data Tools: User Manual

Our user manual is full of details and how-tos that explain ways to use building permits tools’ construction data. But we don’t give you the manual, wish you good luck, then disappear.

Let our sales and support professionals answer any and all questions. Now or later. We have plenty of success stories and would like your company to be one of them.

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  1. Thanks for the tip about beginning with real-time leads. I’m trying to get a building permit for my future home. Once I do this, I’ll make sure to hire someone who is familiar with construction data tools.

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